The Blood of the Cross

Crucifix in chapel Mt Saviour


These are photos of a Crucifix which resides atop an altar in the Chapel Crypt at Mount Saviour Monastery near Elmira, New York.  Whenever I visit Mount Saviour, I spend time in prayer before this Crucifix.  After gazing at it for a while, ‘Sometimes it causes me to tremble…tremble…tremble.’  I am reminded that my sins were present to Jesus as he hung dying upon the Cross.  In that way, I was there when they crucified my Lord.  For me, the gushing of His Precious Blood reminds me of His ocean of mercy.  Think of this Crucifix if you’ll be praying the Way of the Cross on this first Friday in Lent.  I find these Way of the Cross prayers very challenging, and enjoy meditating on them.