Oratio from lectio divina of Gospel for 14thSunOrdT-A

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is from Matthew 11:25-30:

Here is the fruit of my lectio/meditatio/contemplatio on this portion of Sacred Scripture:

Jesus, my heart swells with joy – and is greatly encouraged – to hear you publicly, exuberantly thanking our Father.  When I hear you proclaim our Father as “Lord of heaven and earth,” it greatly confirms my faith in Your divinity, for the Son of the “Lord” is Himself surely divine.  I am delighted to see that You were consoled in heart and mind that the will of the Father allowed only those of true grace-inspired littleness to perceive the sublime mystery of Your identity as Son and Your perfect communion with the Father.  Our Father wants to be known and loved, so He sent His perfect image, a perfect representation of Himself.  Help me, Jesus, to shed my pride and arrogance, that my heart may increase in simplicity, and my trust in You may never wane.

Jesus, the yoke of Your teaching and the way of life to which you call me is made so much lighter when I imitate Your meekness and humility.  Enable me to use the strength You have given me in a discerning, controlled manner, following Your example.  May I always be aware of my absolute dependence upon You, especially upon Your mercy.  I will indeed come to You frequently, Jesus, in the sacraments, in Your written word, in prayer, that Your yoke of discipleship may surely be lightened, joy-filled and attractive to others.