Death comes unexpectedly

“Death comes unexpectedly!!”  So proclaimed the preacher in the “Pollyanna” movie.

That’s what I thought of when I read about this recent tragedy:

The mob broke down the door and began beating the couple. “They broke their legs so they couldn’t run and then threw them in the fire (in a kiln at the brick factory),” Gill said. “Only some bones and hair were found at the site.”

This incident reminded me of something I once heard from a holy man.  Holy people often have a way of developing little maxims by which they live which help them to simplify their life and decisions.  Blessed Charles de Foucauld, beatified in November 2005, had one such maxim that enabled him to put things in their proper perspective and priority:

Think that you are going to die a martyr, stripped of everything, stretched out on the ground, naked, hardly recognizable, covered with blood and wounds, violently and painfully killed…and wish it to be today…Think of this death often, prepare yourself for it and judge things at their true value.  (from p. 24 in this book)