Effective communication

MagiIn his homily for Epiphany, Fr JN recalled the diligence with which the Magi followed the star.  He pointed out that the star in our lives is Jesus, and that we should each have a personal relationship with Jesus evidenced by our lives of prayer and service to others.  I was elated to hear such a clear Christocentric challenge (Thank you, Father!).  However, I also recalled a time when such words would have been meaningless to me.  As a lukewarm (or less) Catholic in my early 20’s, those words would have gone in one ear and out the other.  I was not seeking the Lord at that time.  I was filling my life with my own selfish pursuits.  I’m sure there were some Catholics at this Mass who are just like I was back then.  In communicating to the Magi, God used a language that they (wise men; astrologers) could readily understand — the star.  When I had the renewal experience which led to my personal encounter with Jesus, it changed my hearing.  Words which were previously meaningless to me were now filled with meaning and challenge.  Fr JN’s words were clear and simple.  They were quite possibly the ideal words to use.  The question is:  How can we best help people to open their hearts more to God, so that such clear and simple words prove to be inspiring and motivating to them, instead of being largely ignored by them?